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The Impact of US Growth and a Strong US Dollar on Emerging Markets

#thanksobama US unemployment has dropped from 10% in late 2009 to 5.5% in February 2015, and the US Dollar is on a record growth streak. While that is good news for US firms and US investors looking to acquire ex-US, … Continue reading

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Calling $24 billion in net gains “subpar”… Warren Buffett’s secrets of communication

“A number of good things happened at Berkshire last year (including $24 billion in net gains), but let’s first get the bad news out of the way.” That’s how Buffett starts his 2012 annual letter to shareholders. His top three … Continue reading

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China Investment Corporation – It pays to invest overseas… and in equities

The picture is simple. Sovereign funds, in Asia-Pacific and the world at large, act as a leading indicators for the investment management industry. They have long-term capital to play with and are willing to take calculated risks in alignment (hopefully) … Continue reading

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Multi-Convergence: BlackRock buys private equity real estate specialist MGPA – Asia focus

The era of multi-convergence. We have seen KKR/Schwab, GCS/ICBC/Dexia, Franklin Templeton/K2, Principal/Liongate, and many more examples of traditional and alternative convergence. This week BlackRock bought private equity real estate firm MGPA to boost its Asia and Europe presence, doubling its … Continue reading

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Earnings season: Goldman Sachs with 850b in investment mgmt assets and 8b in net revenues

Leaving aside that Goldman got in trouble for preparing for trouble in the aftermath of Sandy, the firm reported strong quarterly results. 850+ billion in investment management assets, over $8 billion in net revenues, with over $4 billion in institutional … Continue reading

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Pimco iPad app – proactive information delivery

As I wrote recently in my post on “content, speed & style of the message”, I guess once Pimco saw that parent Allianz delivered the annual report in a stylish iPad app, the firm had to follow suit and show … Continue reading

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