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The Impact of US Growth and a Strong US Dollar on Emerging Markets

#thanksobama US unemployment has dropped from 10% in late 2009 to 5.5% in February 2015, and the US Dollar is on a record growth streak. While that is good news for US firms and US investors looking to acquire ex-US, … Continue reading

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Colombia grew by 4.6% in 2014, driven by construction and consumption – LatAm Trends

Colombia’s DANE (el departamento administrativo national de estadistica) confirmed GDP (producto interno bruto) growth of 4.6% in 2014, despite the price decline for oil. Mining and energy was the drag, shrinking by 0.2%. Brazil on the other hand has to … Continue reading

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Calling $24 billion in net gains “subpar”… Warren Buffett’s secrets of communication

“A number of good things happened at Berkshire last year (including $24 billion in net gains), but let’s first get the bad news out of the way.” That’s how Buffett starts his 2012 annual letter to shareholders. His top three … Continue reading

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Monaco Fund Forum 2013: Lights, Camera, Action…

Where to begin… the Monaco Fund Forum International 2013, the largest asset management conference in the world, was another milestone. Featuring Sir Bob Geldof along with hundreds of CEOs worldwide, conference director Jenny Adams went out on a limb and … Continue reading

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Largest pension fund worldwide, GPIF, increases equities and foreign allocations

The largest pension fund globally, Japan’s GPIF, is increasing equity allocations and foreign investments at the expense of fixed income to move into riskier assets. It’s part of what the media has called “Abenomics”, the not too creative neologism of … Continue reading

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Principal is buying majority stake in hedge fund manager. Alternatives, LatAm and more in E=MC2

E=MC2 The era of multi-convergence for investment management. A very important convergence trend for traditional asset managers has been to build up expertise in alternatives, to present holistic investment solutions and asset allocation views to institutional clients around the world. … Continue reading

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Multiconvergence: Orix buys Robeco for distribution and global brand

I am finishing a week of CEO discussions in Europe and, before flying back to NY, Orix just announced the acquisition of 90.01% of Robeco equity from Rabobank for about two billion Euros (240 billion yen) to expand the global … Continue reading

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